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    Isis Slot (Microgaming) slot (Microgaming)

    Isis Slot (Microgaming) slot (Microgaming)

    4/5 (390)
    Isis, a video slot game from Microgaming, is directly inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology. As one of the richest civilizations the world has even known, it should come as no surprise that slot game developers found inspiration many, many times over from this fascinating source. Let’s look at some of the great features that makes Isis stand out from the crowd.

    Isis is betting on sheer graphic quality to attract a large audience, and we must say that after a few moments just looking at the game screen we just could not wait to start spinning the reels. The game screen is painted in clear pastel colors and Egyptian-inspired motives such as abstract figures and palm leaves. The result is quite simple and yet elegant, with plenty of space left for the reels in the middle of the screen.

    Isis is played on 5 spinning reels, each of them containing three symbols. The 25 paylines that run across the screen is where you need to line up symbols in order to score cash prizes during the game. Take a moment to adjust your wager and the number of activated paylines in the command bar below the reels, and then the rest is mostly up to luck. You can always increase the size of your future rewards by betting a little more at the beginning of your turn.
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    Isis Slot (Microgaming) slot (Microgaming)

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