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    Dragon Tiger Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

    Dragon Tiger Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

    4/5 (296)
    There’s a lot of competition out there in the form of oriental slot machines, and so we’re always skeptical prior to playing one; will it be good, will its essence be sound. These questions were all asked before playing Dragon Tiger, primarily due to the mundane title.

    As usual, the layout of the matrix is pretty much the same as all their games: the controls are located at the bottom of the screen, with the progressive payouts listed on the right, and the grid taking up most of the left-hand side. It’s all predictable in that sense, but we still find a certain amount of pleasure can be gleaned from the paytable. Dragon Tiger just requires you to give it a chance, and so that’s what we’re doing.

    Granted, we don’t think much of the name given how endangered these creatures are, but as for the features, they’re reasonable enough in variance. Gamers can play free games, experience specialized wilds, all the while playing under a medium difficulty. The biggest difference between this and Dragon Tiger is that the grid is smaller at 25 winlines.

    Try out Dragon Tiger and you will definitely enjoy this cool game from Habanero, that will bring you closer to your next win. Play it now and you will come back to play again and again.
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    Dragon Tiger Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

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