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    Rob the Bank

    Rob the bank - get cash for clicks!
    Skynda dig innan erbjudandet löper ut!

    It is said that inside the Vault there are some really fantastic things like bonuses, extras and even some cheerful advice for a real cowboy!

    You have not been too lucky recently?

    Search for GradWild's magical vault on pages with games!

    1. Play games and generate Dynamite
    2. Throw your dynamite into the vault, by clicking on it
    3. Crack it up and get valuable rewards, including cash

    You must be logged in in order to see the Vault

    What's Dynamite?

    Dynamite are redeemable loyalty points, and the higher is your loyalty level, the better is conversion rate for the dynamite. These are ways to collect dynamite:

    • By registering
    • By making a deposit
    • By placing real money bets in games
    • Through loyalty promotions

    Terms and Conditions

    • Not all ways to collect dynamite guarantee that dynamite will be awarded. Only those that meet specific criteria.
    • In games dynamite are awarded at the same rate as loyalty points. Please refer to VIP Club description.
    • Please note, that if you play with an active bonus, no dynamite will be generated.
    • Non deposited customers cannot generate dynamite.
    • Maximum dynamite that can be made during a day - 1000.
    • Dynamite will expire in 30 days if not used.
    • General Bonus Terms as well as End User License agreement of Spinaru applies.

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    Share it with your friends & start earning commission from all their future wagers!
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